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Diocese of Westminster

The Diocese of Westminster is the Roman Catholic Church’s presence in London north of the Thames, and in Middlesex, Hertfordshire and a small part of Surrey in the United Kingdom. It is comprised of 215 parishes serving more than 450,000 Catholics. We also have 220 Catholic schools serving more than 85,000 students.


Registered charity no. 233699

Member since October 2017

About us

As the Catholic Church in this region, we administer the Sacraments, offer Mass and prayer, conduct social action ministries, foster religious community and formation, and are active in the civic discourse serving all of God’s people regardless of creed. Our Catholic schools provide excellent education, providing their students with religious, academic and personal formation, where Catholic values are espoused across programmes.

We have a number of different funds that can be supported via this website, including individual parishes and schools, as well as:

  • The Diocese of Westminster's Sick & Retired Priests' Fund

  • The Diocese of Westminster's Priests Training Fund

  • Caritas Westminster

  • Caritas Bakhita House

  • Cardinal's Appeal

  • Westminster Youth Ministry

When donating please inform us which of the above you wish to donate specifically to, otherwise your donation will go towards the general mission of the Catholic Church here in London, for the greatest need determined by the Diocese of Westminster.