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A future in which people and planet thrive together isn't just possible: it's essential. ClientEarth, working with people around the globe, uses the power of the law to create seismic, sustainable change that protects life on earth. It’s our world. These are our laws. This is our work – join us.


Registered charity no. 1053988

Member since August 2020

About us

We force businesses and governments to deliver on their environmental obligations. We help to draft more robust, ambitious laws. We propose scientifically sound policies and solutions to protect rights and resources in the first place. We use the power of the law to tackle the climate emergency and pollution. We blocked the development of Europe’s largest planned coal plant. We forced the UK government to clean up air pollution – and we’re taking the fight to the EU. We pressured the world’s largest multilateral lender to withdraw funding for fossil fuels. We’ve forced big polluters to come clean about their climate impacts – and to clean up their acts.

We protect essential ecosystems on which we depend. We prevented the destruction of Europe’s last primeval forest and protected vulnerable species like wolves, bears and lynx.

We work tirelessly to ensure that citizens globally can access and seek the protection they’re entitled to by law. We also support environmental legal professionals and organisations to work effectively for the benefit of the environment: in China alone, we are training 200 judges and prosecutors.