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Children with Cancer UK

Our vision is of a world where every child survives their cancer diagnosis. We invest in vital research to save the lives of children and young people with cancer, keeping more families together.


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Member since September 2020

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2020

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2020

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month has drawn to a close, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us during this time.

We all have dreams of the person we want to become and what we want to achieve in life. For some children, those dreams are interrupted and sometimes shattered, by a cancer diagnosis.

We’re here to ensure that whenever a child receives a cancer diagnosis, they have the best possible chance of survival, whether that’s by finding cures and better treatments through the ground-breaking research we fund, or by helping to ease some burdens along the way.

We won’t let cancer stand in the way of a child’s hope for their future. Your support this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month helped give those children whose lives are put on hold and whose futures are uncertain because of cancer, the chance to live out their dreams.

💛 Your kindness is helping to make sure cancer doesn’t stand in the way of children’s hopes and dreams for their future. Pictured, are just a small selection of dreams that these children have for their future.

For more information on this years' Childhood Cancer Awareness Month head to our website: