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Antibiotic Research UK

Antibiotic Research UK is the first and only charity in the world formed specifically to tackle antibiotic resistance via research, education & patient support.


Registered charity no. 1157884

Member since November 2018

About us

Imagine a world where a simple scratch could prove fatal and routine operations such as hip replacements or caesareans are just too dangerous - infections caused by bacteria are becoming harder to treat. This is due to antibiotic resistance.

By 2050 deaths linked to antibiotic resistance could be as many as 10 million per year. It can take 10-15 years to develop a new antibiotic and bring it to market so we need to act now to ensure we don't return to the dark ages regarding medicine.

Antibiotic Research UK are committed to tackling this global health emergency, we aim to bring a new antibiotic treatment to the market by the early 2020s. We also raise awareness with the public and professionals about responsible use of our current antibiotics. Finally we have a patient support officer who provides advice and support for patients affected with an antibiotic resistance infection.

Your support today could help safeguard the future of medicine for this generation and the ones that follow.