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Member since November 2020

About us

I'm a proud single mum, a part-time law student, and an aspiring entrepreneur whilst working a full-time job.
I started Wildcarmela to supplement my income as a single parent and fulfill my desire to own and run my own business. Being a mother and full-time worker, I needed to find time to relax whilst burning the midnight oil studying. I decided that if I was going to be able to manage everything on my plate, I need to have a study environment that was relaxing and inspiring at the same time. It was then when I set the mood so-to-speak by burning a scented candle with some soft relaxing music playing in the background and, suddenly I found myself looking forward to going to my quiet place to complete my study assignments. One thing led to another and thought to myself, what if I can make candles for my home and sell them to help supplement my income, a win-win. My interest in Law stems from being a survivor of domestic abuse. Ironically, it was easier to get a study loan than it was getting legal support for a restraining order. My hope is to one day be able to provide legal advice to women who are in the same predicament as I was, this is why I am committed to supporting domestic abuse victims through Woman's Aid by donating £1.00 from every sale.