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VoiceNotes Limited

Dictation, transcription and proofreading.


Member since October 2016


Our company specialises in dictation, audio-transcription and proofreading. We offer:

1. A dial-in dictation and transcription service (for notes/reports/letters/emails). £162 + VAT per month.

2. Transcription of single and multi-voice audio files (clients send us their files to transcribe - any length). - For any sector - For the Legal sector

3. Proofreading & copy-editing services for all documents, websites, sales presentations, blogs, webcasts, social posts etc. From £10 + VAT per 1,000 words.
CV writing:

For the rest of the year, we are offering 30% off the above fees to anyone involved in Work For Good or the Charity sector, plus we will donate 10% of these fees to charity.

Please contact us with any questions.