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Helping you to realise your potential in triathlon, running & fitness


Member since September 2020


I’m offering you the chance to improve your confidence, overcome your mental barriers and realise your potential in triathlon, running & fitness.

I’m Ian Scarrott, a former GBR Age Group Triathlete, with 20 years experience competing, coaching and personal training in endurance sport.

I want to give back to charities that support people with mental health issues; as an anxiety sufferer from childhood I understand how limiting and debilitating this can be. I also know that it doesn’t have to determine your journey; you determine the steps you take to make your life happen.

I’ve had a huge amount of free support from a number of pastoral people over the years who’ve helped me to gain confidence, overcome my own physical and mental barriers, now I want to help you do the same.

I’m not a trained mental health professional but I can coach you and contribute to your overall physical and mental- wellbeing through fitness, swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon. If you do need support drop me an email and I’ll refer you to a service that can support you - which is where my fundraising efforts will go too.

To access online and in-person triathlon coaching and personal training click the website button, back yourself and back the charities who can help you.