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The Happy Shrub

Practice mindfulness with bonsai



Member since November 2020

About us

We're here to encourage behaviour change in a way that promote the practice of mindfulness using the ancient Japanese art of bonsai. We believe everyone should have the ability, time and support they need to grow as an individual. A healthy state of mind is fundamental to happiness in life, it's biproduct is success and gives you the ability to be at peace in this world.

Our pathway to tree cultivation has been solely designed to introduce you to the art of bonsai in a way that's easy, straightforward and will fit any schedule.

All their bonsai come with a book explaining the link between nature and the mind, which helps put into practice simple techniques that are based on academic research, supporting the idea that caring for a bonsai can have a positive impact on mental health. Aside from this being a way to reduce the production of stress related-hormones, caring for these small shrubs utilises a range of cognitive based skills which can help people focus, become more creative and help them to make better decisions both their professional and private life.

"We've been working so hard to get everything right, we just hope it can breathe some life into mindfulness using something we found to be truly great. Or at the very least make someone's home office or garden look a little nicer. We're not highly qualified psychologists, nor are we masters of bonsai or botanists . We just want to share our hobby and help people detach themselves from their stress. Everyone deserves some time to put their own mind first, now and again"