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The Bongas SCO Limited


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Written by filmmaker Oscar Van Heek, The Bongles, is a brand-new illustrated children’s book series consisting of TV Dinner, Monster Takeaway, Pet Washing Machine and Rubbish Island. The Bongles deliver an eco-friendly message to their readers in an offbeat and fun way.
This little group of monster friends live on a paradise-like planet far away. They reuse and repurpose items that wash up onto their planet’s shore and turn trash into treasure, or even a new friend. The stories are written in rhyme with slapstick and silly humour, which both children and adults alike will find funny. Illustrated by Dean Queazy, his quirky and whimsical watercolour illustrations are sure to capture the attention of little readers.
Dean Queazy came up with the idea for The Bongles when completing a university project in 1986, eventually developing the characters and their environmental message after travelling around the world for his work. He said, “When travelling, I became aware of the amount of waste we produce, it is breathtaking. Through the Bongles, Oscar and I wanted to embed environmental messages within a fun format for children.”

The Bongles are available across various platforms, including, print books, eBooks, and animated audio books.