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Steven Bull




Member since May 2019


I am a professional composer and Producer from Canterbury.
For the past 7 months I have been working on an animal inspired and infused concept album, designed to create awareness of the damaging trades that humans participate in, which causes the destruction of animals habitats.

The album has been developed unpaid and fully funded by myself, with 5 - 10 hours contact time every day alongside studying a music degree. I have written, performed, produced and marketed the album myself with a total expenditure of around £2.000 not including equipment totalling upwards of £3.000.
The album was inspired by my 2 cats Phil and Bella, on 2 occasions they demonstrated music ability, once Bella sung perfect harmonies to a deep purple track while Phil meowed 4 in time meows to a jazz track… it was a sign.
After starting the album i decided that i would do what i can to help as my cats gave me this opportunity to learn a vast amount of music theory, technique, history and style, but as they are spoilt, i decided to contact WWF to create a donation based on album sales to help the animals that are currently suffering under damaging trades. 

I think music and animals are the 2 main things that bring humans together, my intention is to not only help animals but to also put a smile on people's faces.
The benefit of the album is that it has no language barrier and also has 10 tracks, each a different genre, so there is something for everyone, covering genres such as, jazz, blues, rock, love ballad, ambient, funk, psychedelic, country, renaissance and reggae, and animals such as mallard, dog, cat, seal, whale, bee, monkey, pig, eagle and snakes.