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Skomer Studio

Jewellery Studio based in North London, UK


Member since December 2020


Skomer Studio is a British jewellery brand led by style and design that creates thoughtfully considered pieces with an emphasis on craft and permanence for the modern jewellery wearer. With a focus on quality and allowing a personal connection to form between the designer maker and the wearer, Skomer Studio pieces are all hand made to order using solid 9K gold or sterling silver.

As well as championing a slower conscious consumption approach to jewellery, community is an important aspect of Skomer Studio. Therefore through crowdsourcing ideas around the causes to support as a brand via our customers, Skomer Studio has chosen to support five different charities over the next two years which are close to ours and our customer's hearts - FareShare, NSPCC, The Big Issue Foundation, LGBT Foundation and the Worldwide Cancer Foundation. £10 from every purchase through the Skomer Studio website will be equally split and donated to the charities mentioned above.