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Sea Soul Blessings


Member since October 2019


Mindfulness practices, tools and gifts - inspired by the sea.

Modern life is challenging. It’s hard to save yourself, let alone the planet, when you feel overwhelmed, anxious and hopeless. We believe that to live joyfully, we need the natural world - and right now, the natural world needs us.

We’ve learnt that simple activities that connect nature, mindfulness and self-compassion can be deeply transformative - improving our resilience and wellbeing, guiding us towards what really matters in our lives - and helping us to transform not just our own lives, but the world around us.

We know that we are stronger together - when we connect deeply to the planet on which we live - and when our individual and communal transformation is encouraged by community.

So we create compassionate resources to stimulate individual and global change, rooted in nature.

And with your help, we donate directly to projects that protect, preserve and value nature.