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Plans With Purpose Ltd

Growing business by doing good


Member since January 2019


Business can be a powerful force for good. In a world where our synergy with nature and each other is often highly strained, consumers are recognising the huge potential for business to have a positive impact beyond profit.

“Businesses that address society’s changing needs are almost certainly the brightest businesses of the future.” (Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership 'Rewiring the Economy’)

I support businesses and brands to unlock growth in Profit, People & Planet by enabling a more sustainable and purpose-led approach to business. I do this through 18 years of business and marketing experience, including a long career in Unilever growing purpose-led brands such as Dove, Persil & Flora and supporting Unilever’s over-arching goal to make sustainable living commonplace. In 2018 I completed the Business Sustainability Management Course at the Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Brands and businesses that build doing good into their core have the potential to grow with a deeper meaning and stronger connection to employees and consumers alike, making them more likely to succeed now and in the future.