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Pakatak Ltd

Wildlife & Trail Cameras


Member since March 2021


I have been running Pakatak since 2001. We are an online retailer of all sorts of surveillance equipment including wireless security cameras, covert cameras, audio surveillance equipment and GPS trackers. However, our main products are wildlife cameras or, as they are often known, trail cameras.

These trail cameras are for unobtrusive surveillance of wildlife and nature, without actually being there with a video camera. This allows the filming of wildlife without disturbance and allows the surveying and recording of creatures behaving completely naturally in their own environment.

My love of nature has led me to want to give something back and help towards the fight against everything that is harmful for wildlife and the natural world. I have decided to choose Rewilding Britain to donate proceeds from sales at Pakatak Ltd and hope that, in a small way, this will help their brilliant and very important work.