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Natelle Quek


Member since August 2019


Hello! I am Natelle, a freelance illustrator and self-proclaimed plant lady and cat cuddler living and working in London, UK.

Art and animals surrounded my life from day one; as a child, neither walls nor inanimate objects at home were safe from my scribbles, and tadpole-watching in the backyard was one of many favourite past time activities.

I was (and still am!) fortunate to live in places with unique wildlife, spanning a few continents! These experiences have worked their way into my heart and throughout my art. All my illustrations, be it simple caricatures, or more detailed pieces, reflect my love for nature, and I hope that even just a little piece of that joy and love comes across to you, yes YOU!

I'm proud to be able to contribute (even if just a little) to great causes that I believe in, and I'm glad companies like Work for Good exist to help bring small businesses and non-profit organisations together.