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Happy Bottoms, Happy Planet


Member since November 2020



NappyNoos is a new reusable nappies business. We know how important our planet is and can assure our customers that NappyNoos strives to be as eco friendly as possible.

When we decided to start NappyNoos we didn’t just want to sell reusable nappies, we also want to make a difference. For us, our business is not just about selling nappies and making reusable nappies mainstream it’s about making bigger changes to the environment.

WWF works to conserve endangered species and address global threats to the planet such as climate change. This is why NappyNoos has chosen to support WWF through our business.

To celebrate the launch of NappyNoos and our reusable nappies we will be contributing to the charity throughout our launch month. When you purchase a nappy or wetbag during our launch month you will be allocated a raffle ticket number. At the end of our launch month we will draw the raffle and will draw three winners.

Each winner will then choose an animal to adopt through WWF. We will pay for the adoption and the winners will be sent the adoption packs and receive all the updates etc.

We plan to continue to support WWF through our business as it grows so keep checking back for more information.

To find out more about WWF please visit