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Lafford James Land & Property

It is one year on from one cold bright Sunday morning when Percy our 8-year-old boy said his leg felt funny, "what do you mean" I asked? "Well it feels like walking on marshmallows" he replied!

Preceding this we had multiple visits (over months) to the hospital, the walk-in centre, calls to 111 and our doctors, with a complaint of back pain, on all occasions we had been told, it was a muscle strain and it would go away in time we have to be patient! With this new symptom of funny legs, we managed to see a paediatric specialist, who immediately organised an MRI where a tumour of unknown type was visible inside his spinal column, this tumour was causing pressure on the spinal cord. Within in days, he had lost all feeling below his waist.

Our lives were crushed in an instant there is no way to describe how my wife and I felt at that time other than completely broken. Somehow we had to find the strength to be brave and strong for Percy, I remember our consultant saying all we can do is to love him.

Percy has been looked after by an amazing team at Milton Keynes Hospital, Oxford John Radcliff and Manchester Childrens Hospital he underwent surgery to remove the tumour which was identified as a Ewings Sarcoma, 15 rounds of gruelling chemotherapy, 28 rounds of Proton radiation therapy at The Christie Manchester and spinal support surgery Oxford John Radcliffe. Hours of physiotherapy both locally and whilst in hospital.

Winding the clock forward one year Percy has finished his treatment and is Walking ! and he is back to school. We have our little boy back. We have a lifetime of scans and worry ahead but with the amazing support of the team who are looking after him, we are keeping positive.

Percy has been so brave, throughout the treatment and his bravery and strength have inspired me to give back to the charity that helped us as a family when we were at our most vulnerable and Lafford James Land & Property through our business activities will raise funds to help the families that are receiving crushing cancer diagnosis news every day.