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Jesseco Designs

Environmentally-friendly clothing that fuses art, nature & charity with radical organic fashion


Member since October 2019


At Jesseco Designs you will find beautiful hand-drawn artwork coming to life on sustainable, vegan clothing & totes, as well as sustainably produced greetings cards and art prints. Each design has been lovingly crafted by Jessica in her own unique style – drawing on her passion for nature & our beautiful, suffering planet.

Many of Jessica’s designs highlight the plight of often overlooked species, and particularly those that may have a less 'cool' reputation. By sporting these products you are bringing the fight for nature to the streets while looking good in the process!

Every purchase will donate £1 to an environmental charity that helps look after our world in the present as well as for future generations.

All clothing products are printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory on 100% organic cotton so that you don’t have to feel the environmental guilt that can come with clothing consumption.