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Humble Crumble

Please, eat responsibly


Member since October 2018


Humble Crumble sets out to do two things: create gourmet crumbles and to do this responsibly and sustainably. We want each crumble sold to have a positive impact on the world, so we donate 20p per crumble to charity.

We usually support Friends of the Earth, to help support their work in the hopes they can lobby the government to implement legally binding environmental policy. However, occasionally we will donate to other charities if we find it to be fitting. For instance, we donated to the LGBT Foundation at our Pride event.

A few words from our founder, Kim:

"Running a socially responsible business to me, is multi-faceted but all about impact. When starting Humble Crumble, I felt that it was imperative to build a business that put the environment at the core. With every crumble, I thought about how I could reduce CO2 and waste — which is hard for street food to do. I’ve picked my fruits; asked local communities to donate their home-grown apples; use compostable packaging and where possible, I run a return-a-ramekin scheme to reduce single-use waste."