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Hawk FX


Member since April 2018


Hawk FX was founded by two colleagues, Greg and Vatsal, who between them have more than 25 years experience helping businesses and individuals navigate pitfalls successfully when making international money transfers to save them thousands of pounds.

They saw terrible inefficiencies, poor customer service, disjointed customer experience and the customer was rarely at the centre of the business philosophy. Moreover, in recent times, as industry embraced the latest technology breakthroughs, many organisations used these emerging technology to replace customer service instead of enhancing it - ultimately a service cost incurred by the customer.

Hawk FX aims to redefine customer service in the foreign exchange industry. Using the latest technology combined with their expertise, experience and maturity they place customers at the centre of everything they do.

With the goal of making the whole process easy and cost-effective their highly tailored solutions start with getting to know the customer and their requirements, providing all the help and guidance they need.

The Hawk FX team have many years’ experience using sophisticated technology, approaches and techniques to help large multinational companies manage international money transfers. The same expertise, generally afforded to big business is now available for both your personal and business international money transfers.

Whether you are making large one-off transfers, regular payments or have more complex requirements; Hawk FX will provide a tailored currency solution, designed to protect you against losses due to currency market fluctuations, save you money with bank beating exchange rates, and avoid you having to pay extortionate bank fees.