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GOT iT Studios

You GOT iT!



Member since February 2019

About us


Independent Video Game Production Company currently operating on the Google Play Store.

Starting our life on the Personal Computers of three young men, GOT iT is the name given to our partnership. GOT iT is owned by Georgios Kynigopoulos (G), Lucas Olah (O) and J.A TAT (T). Our name was first proposed by Georgios in October 2018, and we've rolled with it ever since. Our first game, Jetpack Jack: Bearback Attack was released on the Google Play Store in November, just type "Jetpack Jack" into the Play Store and click the one with the Penguin!

We're a three-man team here at GOT iT and all our products are created by passionate hobbyists who just want to make games. We strive for that "Great-Game" feeling at GOT iT. To us, there's nothing more important with the work we do than to create an entertaining piece, but also one that has a greater message. Jetpack Jack: Bearback Attack will donate 10% of all profits to actual Penguins and Polar Bears across the globe, in cooperation with the WWF.

We don't just want to make games in a capitalistic sense, we want to help people, animals and the earth with the work we do. Our team consists of young hearts and minds, who have great empathy for the times Humanity is facing. If we can make one person, just one, smile, then that's half our job done. The other half is for change, we want to give our Players the opportunity to see our work, right from the comfort of their own homes. Pretty soon, you'll be able to see a new window in Jetpack Jack that shows you exactly what we're doing to help. You can also keep up to date from our site.

The future of GOT iT is fixed, we're here to make great games and we're here to stay! Kind regards,