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F. SIKA & Co

FISIKA natural skincare products


Member since November 2020


We're a mother & daughter duo devoted to creating high-quality skin care products which will help everyone achieve healthy skin stress-free! We invite you to join us as we make healthy skin in sustainable ways a priority. Every one of us, with our existence, through our choices, can help ourselves, our family and the world around us. Although a little workshop, FISIKA raises the local level, set in a small picturesque village in Crete and attracting visitors interest. Small local producers make the raw materials and talented artists design the packages, which builds up the social responsibility of our company. What we consider as our greater contribution to our community here in Crete, is that young people, get a free education on how to respect nature and be practical about its uses through visiting our workshop and learning how to make their own soap. We continue to contribute by supporting small charities that support the environment and people in need.


Gerani, 73014, Chania, Crete, Greece