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Celebrate and immortalise your lost loved ones in story


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Planned for publication in summer 2021, 'A Day For You' will be a compilation of short stories imagining a day gifted from each contributing author to their lost loved-one.

If you have a story you would like included in the book, please do get in touch for information.

Best friends for many years, both I and my co-writer have different but perfectly complementary reasons for starting this book project.

In my work as an Estate Planning Consultant I have often been told about family losses whilst preparing Wills for the living. I have a sympathetic ear and people talk to me naturally about all sorts of things - private concerns, some that have never been mentioned before due to grief, cultural taboos or shame - and they often share memories about loved ones they are missing. I believe that our book could help lift the burden of silence and release pent-up emotions (some suppressed for decades), and let people know they are not alone in their grieving.

My co-writer, Kate, wrote an imagined day for her own mother, giving her on the page the tea-shop that she had dreamed of in life. Kate explained: "The traumatic short illness before Mum’s death, the image of her looking so ill, was ingrained in my memory. By writing a day for her, it feels as though I have written over the sad memories. Now I visualise her in her teashop, forever happy, bustling and surrounded by love. I have tucked her away there in my mind, and it is that image that I shall draw on. For me, the benefit was actually two-fold. It was lovely to put Mum into her perfect setting, to honour her memory with a little story, but also I found the process incredibly uplifting".

Between us we realised that there are a whole host of days to share – endings to be rewritten and lives to be celebrated.

We hope that other people who have experienced loss and who contribute their own stories to the book will feel better for doing so, as Kate did. We are grateful for the service that Cruse Bereavement Care provide, and that they are there to offer support and strength to anyone who is suffering after a bereavement. We feel it is very fitting if via our book we can support Cruse in the essential work they do.