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Cotswold Upcycle

Handmade with love, at home in the Cotswolds


Member since June 2020


It all started with wanting a house of my own. With that, comes costly furniture and interior design ideas to make a house a home.
I needed furniture that we really wanted rather than having to go to your normal large scale retailers and my life fitting around the products on offer, including the cost of them. The product needed to fit into my choices so decided to go to local charity shops, reclaims, flea markets… everywhere I could, to find the beautiful pieces I wanted to paint, restore, or up cycle into the perfect finished product.

With this grew a natural passion using my skills in paint, design and textiles to eventually create the brand that is ‘Lost And Found’. This has grown to be more than just furniture and we're passionate about sustainable and mindful living. The whole package.

We have key values we live by and every day work towards. With this, community comes first.