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I am an author based in the midlands and in November I am publishing a children's Christmas story called The Winterman. It is an illustrated book about a ten-year-old girl and the magical and wondrous adventure she has one snowy Christmas Eve with the true Father of Christmas, The Winterman.

The book's themes are that of friendship, love, hope and, with the ancient and magical Gift-Giver at its centre, about the virtue of a simple gift. I have a brilliant illustrator named Tabitha Marsh creating a series of beautiful pieces of art for the book, and I am publishing it myself via Amazon. (I have two novels and a short story collection to my name, with a further novel being released next spring.)

What I would like to do is gift half of the paperback sales (for as long as it's in print) to the wonderful organisation, Make-A-Wish. A gift from a children's book about a Gift-Giver.

I can't say how much or how little the book will sell. I do have a growing readership, and I hope I can sell a few copies and be able to give to Make-A-Wish.