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Andrei Voica Art

Original Impressionist Oil Paintings


Member since March 2021


Hi, I'm Andrei!
I'm a professional artist living in London, UK.

I fell in love with painting at a very young age - I was about 5 when my dad bought me my first watercolours. He noticed that I enjoyed drawing and painting and he encouraged me to carry on. I can say he was and has since been one of my biggest supporters.

I then discovered oil painting and I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

The distinctive features of my art are the bold, vivid colours I use in my paintings and the alla prima technique, which is a direct painting approach where paint is applied wet on wet without letting earlier layers dry.

My painting skills have developed during my 8 years of academic art studies at the High School of Fine Arts "Igor Vieru" in Chisinau, Moldova.

I have chosen impressionism as my style of painting because I think it is the best way to paint nature. It is expressive, eye-catching and it provokes the viewer to interpret the artwork in their own way and to find something that is close to their heart.

The last year has been a true challenge for the world. As we're continuing to cope with the pandemic, many people have been struggling with mental health issues. As an artist, I believe that art will save the world. So I've decided to donate 10% of my sales to YoungMinds, in the hope that this modest amount will help make a difference for those of us who need mental health support.