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Why giving is good for business

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Supporting a cause through your business has many benefits: not only is it incredibly rewarding and necessary to contribute to society and the environment, but it also offers brands a way to demonstrate their purpose and grow their business.

The social narrative has changed and now more than ever people want to buy from and champion businesses that are led by their values and put purpose before profit. This is backed up by multiple studies and research, which repeatedly shows that giving back is not only great for the world, but good for business too.

Why is purpose important for your customers and your business growth?

Customers want to see positive change in the world and expect brands to engage with this philosophy as well. This means that increasingly, giving back is a critical part of any business and consumers reward brands with a stronger purpose.


Consumers no longer just judge you for your products, they judge you for your values, for your founder story, for the issues you support and of course, the manner in which you run your business. And if they love what you do and connect with your values, they will tell their friends!

Purposeful business is no longer just a growing trend, it’s essential to the success of your business.