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Social Media Guide

Social media is a huge opportunity to raise awareness of the good work you are doing, attract new followers, convert existing audiences into customers and fundraise through your sales.

Combining a compelling and heart-felt fundraising story with the power and reach of social media, can help your business meet your fundraising goals.

To help you get started. We’ve put together some strategies, tips and best practices to help you drive your campaign on social and meet your small business fundraising goals.

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    Make A Plan

    Think of your new fundraising campaign as you would the launch of a new product or service and write a plan that will help you . Both prior to, during and after your fundraising launch on social media, you’re responsible for hyping up your fans and followers. We've put together some top tips on how to create a plan here.

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    Build Anticipation

    Rather than just simply surprising followers with the news, create a buzz, get them excited and tease them with cryptic posts or anticipatory ‘Coming Soon’ content.

    But don't wait too long before the big reveal.

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    Tell your story

    To really make a connection with your followers, you need to demonstrate you are donating to a charity for authentic reasons, so tell your audience why you're supporting your chosen cause. Is it for a personal reason or one that aligns with your brand values?

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    Update Your Social Media Bios

    When people land on your account they want to know what you’re about and why they should care . Telling them about the causes you care about and how you have integrated purpose into your brand is a great way to give your business a meaningful connection with followers.

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    Highlight Your Instagram Stories

    Instagram highlights live permanently on your profile, allowing you to add or delete content from them at any time. This allows your viewers to look for something specific like a new launch or a sale you’re running. Which makes it the perfect way to reach out, without putting a time limit on when viewers can watch!

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    Reply to posts, comments and DMs

    Social media is called ‘social’ for a reason and is driven by the idea of building communities. Responding to other peoples posts or comments on your post can strengthen relationships with existing customers and connect with new ones. A conversation with your community is another expression of your business' unique personality, so make sure that your responses fit your brand

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    Reshare User-generated Content

    If you want your fans to talk about your brand on social media, you need to give them a reason to do so. So find ways to encourage them to talk about what you are doing on their own channels and then make sure you respond, and share - the best way to say thank you to someone for taking the time to post about you is to share what they have done.

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    Show appreciation & celebrate!

    Publicly thanking customers who have supported your campaign will make them feel appreciated and encourage others to support your business.

    Check out this wonderful ‘thank you’ Reel by illustrator Hatchling Makes - a creative way to say thank you to her customers after they helped her raise funds through her sales for The Bumble Bee Trust.