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Deciding how and what to donate

Getting started

We think it's amazing that you've decided to support a charity through your business. There's just a few things to consider before you start fundraising, so we wanted to give you a few tips to help you get started.

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    The practicalities of raising money for charity

    To begin fundraising you will need to have a Commercial Participation Agreement in place with each charity you want to support (don't worry this isn't as scary as it sounds). You will automatically create this when you input all the information about your pledge on the donations form, which is why we need you to be super clear about how much and let us know exactly how and when you will be raising funds.

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    How to fundraise?

    The best way to regularly support your chosen charity is to donate through your business' sales e.g by donating 10% of every t-shirt you sell or by donating £1 from each cake sold.

    You can also donate through your profits, however, you are unable to link this to the profit of individual products or services. You can read more about donating through your profits here.

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    How much to donate?

    This is up to you, but to give you an idea, most Work for Good businesses gave an 10% of sales to charity in 2020 and donated either monthly or quarterly. It is of course important to give in a way that is sustainable for your business, so choose a realistic figure that works for you.

    It can also be tricky to estimate how much you will raise for each fundraising campaign, so we suggest to put in a more conservative amount to begin with and then you can always adjust this if needed.

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    How long should campaigns be?

    This depends on how long you think it may take to raise the estimated donation total, but we suggest you donate either every month or quarter as this helps to keep your customer or clients engaged and means the charity will receive regular donations more frequently.

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    Which charity's to support?

    We've left this question last, but it's arguably the most important! Who you choose to support will say something about your business, so it’s important to select a cause and charity that reflects your business values and will resonate with your customers. You can choose from hundreds of charities: from small, local ones to national and international organisations. If the charity you're looking to support is not listed, you can nominate them and we'll get them on board.