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Mentoring Project Impact Report Published

Since 2014 our mentoring service has provided over 45 children and young people with a trusted adult to spend time with, talk to and to help work through things. The role of our mentors is simply being there to support a child or young person consistently over a period of around 12 months; evidence shows this can help build a young person's resilience to adverse childhood experiences. The statistics and comments gathered during this year’s review of the mentoring programme shows the immensely positive impact a trusted mentor can have on a young person’s life. As previously illustrated by the increased percentages for each theme, the mentoring programme is most effective when extended to an entire year. During this time, the development of this safe and nurturing relationship provides a young person with the opportunity to talk, support to face pressures and challenges in their lives, skills to develop relationships with others and overall, the confidence, selfbelief and resilience to continue to do so into adulthood. To finish in the words of a mentee, ‘It gave me hope and showed me there was people who could help me and believed in me and were willing to give up their time and effort and go the extra mile.’