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About us

We are UK's largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change. We are a unique coalition of over 100 organisations and 22 million supporters, with distinctive partnerships across all political parties, multi-faith and development organisations, community and sports groups as well as environmental NGOs.

Together we’ve already achieved so much; from reaching millions with our annual Show the Love campaign; to leading the campaign that led to the UK becoming the first major economy to set a legally binding net zero emissions target; to making history with hosting the biggest ever mass lobby for climate, nature and people.

A future where the UK no longer contributes to climate change is within reach. The government has already taken a historic step by committing to a net zero target, but to create a future where the things we love are protected from climate change, we need to see action today. The solutions to the climate crisis and creating a greener, cleaner future are at our fingertips.