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About us

Power of Parenting (POP) aims to support 'Life As It Should Be' for foster children and their families. We aim to bridge the gap between the opportunities that children who have a normal family see in the future and those that foster children see in theirs.

We endeavour to provide Foster Families and their fostered children opportunities that they would otherwise not experience both in education and sport, as well as moral support and coaching throughout their young lives.

Only 4% of fostered children go on to University, compared to a national average of 40%. POP’s ultimate aim is to provide further education bursaries for foster children. To support that aim, we provide membership of After School Maths and English clubs for foster children. We also provide

• Support to Virtual Schools to maximise the potential and attainment of foster children

• Skills to Cook courses for our foster children to provide them with life skills and potentially opportunities for employment

• Sporting opportunities (e.g. golf academies / swimming lessons) that foster children would not otherwise be able to access

• Work Insights for foster children, for example: a day air-side at American Airlines for one young budding pilot

• Support with technology for foster children

• Counselling

• Support for young entrepreneurs

• Food in Care courses for the Foster Parents as well as a POP shop for equipment that Foster Parents may need for their new charges

In fact, the list is endless.

We are incredibly flexible in what we will support, we will consider most things to support Foster Children, their families and / or Young Adults leaving care. Anything that will facilitate 'Life As It Should Be' for foster children and their families.