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Bereaved children get extra help from Marie Curie

Bereaved children get extra help from Marie Curie

Up to 500 children and young people will be able to access bereavement services at the Marie Curie Hospice, Glasgow, thanks to £160,000 funding from Morgan Stanley.

Announcing the news, Marie Curie has also reiterated its support for the Scottish Government’s planned appointment of a national coordinator for childhood bereavement. The charity believes that there are gaps in bereavement services for children across Scotland and action is needed to ensure everyone gets the support they need.

Currently many children in Scotland are still not getting the support they need when a parent dies. Every year, 4,100 children in Scotland are bereaved. Evidence shows that this can have a significant effect on children both short and long-term.

Dying people in Surrey deserve proper care

Dying people in Surrey deserve proper care

Terminal illness charity Marie Curie have launched a new campaign across Surrey focusing on the gaps in local care services which mean dying people may be stuck in over-stretched hospitals for weeks, even when they don’t want or need to be there.

For some people, hospital is the right place to be at the end of their lives. But many people with a terminal illness don't need to be there – and it’s not what most people want.

Everyone deserves the choice to be cared for, and eventually die, where they choose – in their own home, care home, or local hospice. But last year, 684 dying people in Surrey who chose to spend their final days with loved ones at home were unable to do so.

They never received the care package they needed to get home, despite being entitled to this care within 48 hours under NHS guidelines.

The last days of people's lives are precious. Extra anxiety and pressure at this stressful time can have a devastating effect, not only on the person who is dying, but on those they leave behind.

We found several reasons for why funding was being delayed, including:

•a lack of suitable care home places

•gaps in local care services

•administrative delays while patients’ conditions deteriorated to the point where they could no longer be safely discharged.

This isn't good enough.

How do we solve this? If you live in Surrey, we need your help to bring this issue to the attention of your Surrey MP, so they understand how important it is to improve care of dying people in the community.

There’s no need for people’s lives to end in this distressing way. More people could be cared for at home if adequate community care existed. Giving people the choice to die where they wish would help make sure they are treated with dignity at the end of their life, and ease pressure on hospitals.

You can help dying people get the support they deserve. Please join the campaign for proper care for Surrey today by taking one quick action today.

Morrisons donate almost £500,000 for Marie Curie hospice redevelopment

Morrisons donate almost £500,000 for Marie Curie hospice redevelopment

Bradford supermarket Morrisons has donation almost half a million pounds towards the redevelopment of Bradford’s Marie Curie Hospice.

The Morrisons Foundation has donated £487,000 towards creating a state-of-the-art Outpatient Unit at the hospice, to improve the lives of terminally ill and their families.

The existing Day Therapy Unit will be extended to provide a larger space with new and improved facilities and a brighter, more welcoming environment.

The redevelopment is expected to cost £1.5 million in total, and work is due to be completed in 2019.