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"Thankful Thursdays" - help your hospitals now

"Thankful Thursdays" - help your hospitals now

You've stayed at home for the NHS, you've clapped for the NHS.    Now “Thankful Thursdays” gives your business the chance to do something wonderful for our hospitals.

Join other businesses in Leeds by donating a % of your sales on any Thursday in 2020 to help us raise £100,000.  Your donations will support the hospitals to continue delivering excellent care throughout the crisis whilst also preparing to open up normal service again.  "Thankful Thursdays" will run every week during June - December 2020, and by combining the efforts of many smaller businesses we believe great things can be achieved.  Follow our Facebook page to see regular updates on how much money has been raised.

It’s free to sign up (referral code: 8YR1PP84), and completely flexible to suit your business.

1. You set the timescales (one Thursday or more)                                                                                                                              

2. Set your donation type will be (i.e. 3% of sales, £1 per product sold, one-off payment of £50)                                             

3.  Share and promote your donation and support for Leeds Cares and the NHS in Leeds

We have window stickers, Leeds Cares newsletters and collecting tins available to deliver to participating businesses - please get in touch with or

Betty's show support through 'Tea-riffic' hats

Betty's show support through 'Tea-riffic' hats

Through our partnership with Betty's of Harrogate, Yorkshire Tea went the extra mile just before Christmas to support our hospitals. They had a stock of bright orange hats left over from the UCI Road World Championships and they knew these would be hugely appealing to Yorkshire Tea fans everywhere!

They decided to give all the profits of every remaining 'Yorkshire Tea' special edition bobble hat sold, directly to Leeds Cares. The amazing hats sold out in record time and raised a whopping £6,923 in the process. The generous gift went straight to supporting staff, patients and families across our hospitals.

Funded iPads make huge difference to paediatric patients

Funded iPads make huge difference to paediatric patients

Hospital visits can be a very daunting prospect for children, and these anxious feelings are heightened during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly for vulnerable young patients. Thanks to your generous donations during this unprecedented time, we have funded iPads across several wards and departments at Leeds Children’s Hospital.

For young patients who still need to visit hospital regularly for treatment, like 8-year-old Jacob, the iPads are a welcome distraction.

Jacob has been under the care of the Urology and Renal Team since birth, and regularly visits the Urology Specialist Clinic for treatment. His mum Felicity, recently took Jacob to the clinic for a routine procedure and noticed he was much calmer, “The iPad is a welcome distraction for what can be an invasive procedure, Jacob was so preoccupied playing games he didn’t realise when his treatment was finished!”

Jessica Meyer, Children’s Urology Nurse Specialist said, “The iPad has helped us implement interactive distraction techniques, so procedures feel less frightening for children and young people. We’ve also been able to conduct virtual clinic appointments to support patients who are unable to visit hospital during the pandemic.”