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About us

"This home makes me feel like a person again... without Housing Options Scotland I would have been devastated. More devastated than I already was."

When a family first approaches us they give us information on their situation and why their home is not suitable, we then work with them one-to-one to broker a solution. We outline the housing options available to them such as ownership schemes that can help them buy a home; information on social-rented housing; private renting; or adapting their home. We continue to stay in contact with each client to help them find a unique solution to their housing problem. It can be difficult and take time but we never close a client's case until they ask us to do so, often working with them for some time until they have a solution.

Our clients tell us that they have found our practical support and encouragement essential in helping them to find their right house, right place. And once living in a suitable home this has had a positive impact on all areas of their life.

"We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel."

You can find some of our client's stories here on our website: or take a look at some of our photos and videos below.