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About the Kidney Stone Photograph

About the Kidney Stone Photograph

The kidney stone shown in the photograph was the largest passed by Margaret the Charities inspiration. Please note how pointy and sharp it was. Imagine that being forced by the pressure of urine through a small tube of muscle and causing scratching, bleeding and pain. On the right of the photograph is a pointy bit of the stone sticking out. Just under that pointy bit there is a cavity in shadow. Margaret thought that cavity was created when she received extracorporeal shockwave lithottipsy. That treatment had been thought to have successfully reduced the stone to smaller pieces and so making them easier to pass. However all that Margaret had passed were the pieces from the cavity. That is why Margaret kept experiencing the intermittent pain for the stone pieces and also the main stone and all for a further 4 months. (The kidney stone is coloured brown because blood has seeped into it)

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