How it works

Work for Good is a great way for you to support charity, without doing a thing!

As a customer of a business who is doing Work for Good, you really don’t have to do anything.

It’s this simple:

  1. Contract with the business in the usual way. They’ll tell you how much money they’ll be giving to charity, based on the work they’re doing for you.
  2. The business will register your name and email address on the Work for Good system. This information doesn’t have to be public; it’s just so that we can update you and confirm they’ve made the donation.
  3. When the work is complete, the business will invoice you in the usual way. Once you’ve paid, they’ll upload the donation - and we’ll email you to confirm it’s all been safely received.

That’s it. As you’re paying the business in the usual way, there are no complicated tax implications for you but if you have further questions, check out our FAQs.

Of course, once you’ve seen the benefits, we’re hoping you’ll want to Work for Good, as well.