How it works

Build giving into your business

Work for Good is a platform which builds giving into your day to day work, for the good of both charities and your business. We make it easy to give in whatever way suits you best. The legal and admin hassle has already been taken care of and our friendly team are on hand to help.

We also help you shout about the good you do. Talking about your giving is a great way to connect with your clients, inspire your people and build a stronger brand. Member businesses display the Work for Good mark to show their values in action and inspire others to follow as part of a movement to transform business giving.

Four steps

  1. Sign up with us

    It only takes a few minutes to register.

  2. Choose how you want to give

    A day of your time, a percentage of your fee or sales, a set amount when you hit a target – or whatever and however you want. If you need inspiration, see how other businesses choose to give and we're on hand to help too.

  3. Choose your charities and donate online

    Choose from our list, or nominate a new charity. Or let your clients or people decide which causes to support, to make them feel part of the story. When it’s time to make your donation, we’ll remind you by email. And we can email your clients (if you want us to) to let them know when it’s gone through.

  4. Share your story

    Wear the Work for Good mark with pride, to show the world what you stand for. And share your story online. Blog, tweet, make it social – we’ll share your stories too.

Why Work for Good?

  • Build giving into your business
  • No legal or admin to worry about
  • Tax efficient (more)
  • Support several causes at the same time
  • Impress your people and inspire your clients
  • Show the world what you stand for

What it Costs

Our annual membership fee gives you access to our site and the right to use the Work for Good mark.

How much it costs depends on how many people you have in your business:

If you have 250 people or more in your business, membership costs £750 annually.

We deduct 5% from donations to support our work to raise even more funds for charities. We connect them with businesses who want to give, take out the costs of fundraising and free up their time to focus on what matters most.

There’s no processing charge for donations paid by BACS. If you donate by card there is a small charge (20p+1.4%) which goes directly to the payment processing provider. Prices don’t include VAT.

By giving through Work for Good we show our customers that our business isn’t just about profit, we really do care about their causes

Paolo Sartori, Director TransWorldCom

Member since September 2016