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Help fight poverty, pollution and climate change! WasteAid shares waste management and recycling skills in the world’s poorest places. Families around the world have no option other than to dump or burn their waste, causing the spread of disease, global plastic pollution and adding to the climate crisis. Together with our partners, we develop waste management and recycling programmes to build a cleaner and healthier future.


Registered charity no. 1160263

Member since February 2020

About us

Something as simple as a rubbish collection scheme can have a big positive impact on poverty, pollution and climate change. WasteAid sets up small recycling training centres around the world, reducing the need for open dumping and burning and helping people make the most from ‘waste’.

We share waste management skills with local trainers so that the knowledge can be passed on from community to community. We keep the cost of equipment as low as possible, because £10 can make a big difference to the viability of a recycling start-up in a deprived community. We make sure there are local markets for any products made from recycled materials, maximising the value to the local economy.

Waste management is a very cost-effective tool for sustainable development:

£2 per week could help support a local rubbish collection service, reducing dumping and burning of waste.

£10 per month could enable a local recycling team to turn waste into wealth.

£15 per month could help fund a training scheme for communities to learn to manage their waste safely and sustainably.

WasteAid is a young organisation with a lot of potential. Let's work together to amplify our positive impact!