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Walk Ministries

Walk supports men who have been released from prison, to make ongoing changes and choices from a cycle of prison, addiction and negative behaviour to employment and independence. By providing housing, drug detox, counselling, training and employment we eliminate the most serious risks for relapse.


Registered charity no. 1168547

Member since December 2020

01782 870196

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Four men from Walk Ministries just completed the #96hourchallenge raising £3,300 of our £5,000 target towards Christmas dinners for the many residents from our 5 partner charities. These charities support people who have experienced homelessness, addiction and even prison.

The #96hourchallenge including cycling a total of 176 miles and camping out for 4 days and nights. We had £12.53 each per day to live on. Why £12.53 a day? That’s the universal credit that a person living on the street, coming out of prison or addiction lives on!