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The Turing Trust was founded by James Turing (Alan Turing's great nephew) in 2009, when he saw for himself the lack of IT resources in rural schools in Ghana. Since then we have sent more that 4000 computers to African schools, supported 66 schools in Ghana and 25 schools in Malawi, helped more than 8000 African students to become IT literate and run more than 20 ICT teacher training workshops in Ghana and Malawi. We have also developed the SolarBerry, a community-owned shipping container, housing a computer laboratory with Raspberry Pis and powered entirely by solar energy, with a pilot underway in Malawi and are working to align the curriculum in each country to the educational resources we provide. We are always keen to build relationships with businesses who share our goals. There are many ways to get involved - whether financially, or by donating IT equipment, time or skills.