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Education - should be the right of all children

Education - should be the right of all children

Education – should be the right for all……

We have launched the “Access-Bridging-Completion (ABC) – Education for All’” appeal, supporting our partners in Guatemala, to ensure every child has the right to access education or vocational training. It is tragic we have to run such a campaign because it’s so obvious and yet over 70 million children globally still do not have access to education.

The girls residing at La Alianza are no exception to this – but face a double exclusion. They were never able to attend or complete school due to the extreme poverty they experienced but now, as survivors of trafficking and sexual violence they still cannot attend mainstream school, despite being in the care of La Alianza Guatemala. Several of the girls remain under legal protection which prevents attending school and many more are still living in daily fear that they will be identified by traffickers, leading to abduction, extreme violence or worse…

The solution? It’s simple – If these children cannot attend school, with your help, school will be brought to them.

Starting with La Alianza Guatemala, we are working with a number of teachers who will provide primary and secondary education and deliver vocational skills and training to the young girls at La Alianza so they are able to ACCESS education, learn crucial life skills and have the opportunity to grow, develop and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

With your help, you can support these girls by BRIDGING the gap between poverty and opportunity, through supporting the girls on the journey to COMPLETION of education, paving their way to independence. Our goal is that every girl should have increased access to opportunities; an improved quality of life and armed with the knowledge and tools, to be able to make informed decisions about their life choices to build an independent and safe life for themselves.

We can only do this with your support. ANY donation… ANY size… can really help to provide ABC opportunities to build a brighter future for these girls.

Justice programme for girl survivors of trafficking , violence & abuse - we need your help

Justice programme for girl survivors of trafficking , violence & abuse - we need your help


This appeal focuses on a dedicated appeal for Guatemala. It is a country that we just cannot ignore due to the harrowing situation that has a negative impact on the daily lives of children; and even worse for Guatemalan girls. Did you know that despite the gains made under the Millennium Development Goals, 75% of the population still lives on $1 a day? And that in every country globally, without fail, girls are disproportionately affected by poverty, often the ones who are denied access to school, have to work early supplement family income, bear the brunt of domestic care duties, have less to eat and quite simply, are seen as a commodity. This awful situation makes them extremely vulnerable to trafficking & abuse

“Nearly 60% of the 50,000 victims of sex trafficking in Guatemala are children” according to a report by UNICEF and the U.N. Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), which estimates the industry to be worth $1.6 billion a year.

Girls as young as 12 are lured from home, with the promise of a respectable job that will lift their family out of poverty – The reality? They are forced to work in brothels, having sex with up to 30 customers a day.

They are threatened with abuse and that their family will be harmed, perpetuating a cycle of fear and control. If they escape, they are beaten. Many girls are traumatised by their experiences, unable to trust adults, suffer long-term health implications, have little or no self-value and describe their lives as effectively being over. Imagine a 12 years old girl telling you that their life is no longer worth living. This cannot continue.

La Alianza Guatemala is a safe house for girls who have been rescued from trafficking. It works to restore the self-esteem, emotional and physical health of adolescent girls, young mothers and their babies who have experienced abuse and violence and support them to rebuild their lives, providing them with educational, vocational and recreational opportunities to develop their skills, play as children and realise there is much to look forward to as they begin to build a positive future.

La Alianza provides trafficking survivors with expert psychological care to begin the journey to recovery from violence, abuse and trauma endured, provide them with valuable life skills education to build resilience, develop strategies to cope against life’s adversities and register them so they are fully constituted as Guatemalan citizens so they can fully exercise their rights and access services they are entitled to.

In a word, empower them.

A key part of the work of La Alianza is their contribution to the strengthening the Guatemalan justice system and to eradicate impunity for crimes of violence against girls and adolescents. Their legal team work tirelessly to advocate for the human rights of trafficking survivors, ensuring their protection and seeking justice for trafficking offences, rape and sexual assault committed against the girls. Lawyers accompany girls to court cases and support them throughout, undertaking prior research into the crime itself and providing additional/supporting evidence.

To-date, 25 girls have been represented by La Alianza as we seek justice for the atrocities they have experienced, securing 24 convictions, where perpetrators have been sentenced- ranging from 8 to 31 years in prison. There are still 42 cases outstanding, at different stages of research and proceedings whose perpetrators are still unpunished, where girls are living in daily fear of being attacked again.

We urgently need to push criminal proceedings to seek justice, end impunity and provide closure for trafficking survivors.

To do this La Alianza urgently needs additional funds to continue their work.

Our appeal is for financial support to employ additional Psychologists/social workers/legal representatives (attorneys/lawyers) and an investigator so that the backlog of cases requiring investigation and support can be advanced and the girls can start to live their lives free from fear.

Funding needed for our vocational course for street children in Nicaragua

Funding needed for our vocational course for street children in Nicaragua

the philosophy behind the initiative, which demonstrates to adolescents that as hard as metal is, it can still be shaped to make positive and beautiful things; a principle they learn to apply to their own change process motivated during their time at the centers.

The proposed project is focused on improving adolescents’ lives by providing opportunities for them to receive vocational training in metal work, cultivating income generating skills that can help them have a successful social reintegration process.

Major activities of this program proposal are described below.

1. Developing metal work courses: CAN will develop 2 courses, each of 3-month length. The courses will benefit a total of 16 adolescents (boys and/or girls) in CAN centers, 8 per course. Each course has 2 phases, the first being to learn basics. By the end of this phase adolescents are able to manufacture items of regular use (rakes, benches, mops, etc.). Then, in the second phase, adolescents learn to elaborate decorative household items for indoors and outdoors.

2. Internship in CAN centers: as part of the course, to refine the skills they are acquiring, adolescents apply everything they are learning while developing an internship with the maintenance team at Casa Alianza Nicaragua. Using their new metal work skills, they can repair and create useful items required for the general use/operation of CAN centers, for example: repairing or making new benches, seats, rakes, mops, repairing gates, among others. Once the course is completed we will assist the participants/graduates in accessing further internships outside of the center. The participants work towards a general level qualification for future benefit.

3. Purchase of material: for the development of the courses CAN will purchase protection gear for adolescents; material for the classes and coursework materials for the maintenance internship will be bought, machinery relevant to the course.

Each project cycle is for 12 months – each semester 1 course and internship will take place.