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Victim Support

Victim Support is the leading independent victim’s charity in England and Wales for people affected by crime and traumatic incidents. Last year we offered support to over one million victims of crime across England and Wales.


Registered charity no. 298028

Member since March 2018

About us

We provide free, confidential emotional support and practical help, and provide specialist support services for people affected by domestic abuse; sexual violence; child sexual exploitation; hate crime; terrorism; homicide; antisocial behaviour; and fraud. Our services are free and available to everyone, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened.

We work with academia, government, local authorities and other specialist organisations and charities at home and abroad, to provide support and improve services for victims.

We champion victims’ rights and issues locally and nationally, working closely with policy-makers, commissioners, the criminal justice system, local government and other providers, partners and organisations.

We work locally to support people affected by crime, and campaign nationally to put their needs first, ensuring that they get the support they need and the respect they deserve. Together, we help people feel safer and find the strength to move forward after crime.

During the Terror Attacks in 2017, Victim Support provided front-line support and long-term care to victims.

Chris and his wife Caroline went to the Manchester Evening News Arena to collect their four children Chloe, 17, Emily, 12, Megan, 10 and Lauren, 7 who had all been at the Ariana Grande concert on 22 May 2017. “The kids were all injured and covered in blood. They could see all the dead bodies and people crawling around in their own blood and I just wanted to get them out of there” said Chris. “The police advised us to contact Victim Support who provided two caseworkers to support us. Victim Support was really good. Jane, our caseworker, helped us with accessing compensation and visited us weekly providing emotional support.”

Since the 2017 terror attacks Supportline is now open 24/7 for victims of crime, responding to over 5,500 calls a month. It is a vital response to terror attacks and allowsus to be there for victims of all crime when they need us.

Supportline operator Gerry said: “It might sound odd, but taking phone calls from victim’s families regarding the recent terror attacks has been really rewarding. Being able to do something, being able to offer help and support to families so they can concentrate solely on the victim – their family member – is really important. This can be something as simple as ensuring they have accommodation near a hospital, or helping them access hardship funds.”