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Upwards with Downs

We are a support group based in Harlow for people with Down Syndrome and their families. We help local people with Down Syndrome reach full potential we provide services such as speech therapy, swimming lessons and training for carers. We also provide a programme of social activities for our members and their families. The mutual support of parents is invaluable.


Registered charity no. 1158649

Member since July 2019

About us

Upwards with Downs provides support in four important ways to our members: Therapies - we have a speech therapy programme available to all our members at a heavily subsidised cost. Each child has their own bespoke programme delivered by a Speecah and Language Assistant, regularly monitored by a qualified Speech and Language Therapist. We subsidise one to one swimming lessons (or other physical activities). We also subsidise attendance at an inclusive theatre company. Training - we hold training events, or subsidise attendance at such events, for carers, such as signing, inclusion in mainstream school, how to deal with behavioural issues. We provide information to midwives at our local hospital in order to help parents-to-be. We provide a weekly pre-school session which various health professionals attend as well as organisations such as Sing and Sign, Little Alice Theatre Company (story-telling and role-play). Social activities - we regularly provide activities at other venues such as private hire at Stay and Splash and Stay and Play; Canalability trips (canal boats adapted for disabled people) and a monthly disco. These events are open to all family members which provide a much-needed opportunity for people of all ages with Down Syndrome to be able to enjoy a social activity with their siblings and friends. Many of these activities come with an added benefit of a learning and/or exercising opportunity. Mutual support - through the various social activities and through social media spaces our members are able to support each other with advice or even just a shoulder to cry on! Parents/carers of older members regularly help those who have younger children especially with advice about health issues and benefits. This is an invaluable resource and new parents find this particularly helpful.