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TREE AID is an internationally recognised charity combating climate change and poverty. We enable people at the forefront of climate change to unlock the power of trees, providing nutritious food, protection, and increased income. By breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring restored lands in the Sahel are protected, you will make a very real difference where the need is greatest to our planet and people in poverty.


Registered charity no. 1135156

Member since November 2018

About us

TREE AID helps people in the drylands of Africa to lift themselves out of poverty and protect their environment. People here live in some of the toughest conditions on earth and trees are essential to their survival. Trees provide nutrition, generate income and help to create a healthy environment.

Our holistic approach is internationally recognised, providing ethical, sustainable and effective support to the land and people most affected by the effects of climate change.

All of our work contributes to the Great Green Wall and work with the UNCCD to promote this effort. You will be part of a truly world-changing, forward-thinking movement at a time when the need couldn't be greater.

So far, we have;

🌳 Worked with over 1.3 million people to help lift them out of poverty.

🌳 Planted more than 17 million trees (and regenerated many more).

🌳 Improved access and rights for communities to trees.

🌳 Influenced national and international policy.