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Tibet Relief Fund

Tibet Relief Fund works with Tibetans in India, Nepal and Tibet to provide vital education, life-saving healthcare and self-sufficiency for the future. Many Tibetans are refugees, having fled their country to escape China’s occupation; others live as nomads or in remote areas of Tibet with little or no access to education or medical facilities.


Registered charity no. 1061834

Member since December 2017

About us

Our work with Tibetans - from young to old - aims to improve life for some of the most vulnerable people through better healthcare, education and community development. We also work to preserve Tibetan culture, which is at risk of disappearing, and help Tibetan communities to become more self-sufficient, so that they can thrive far into the future. We respond to emergencies in cases when we can be effective, such as after the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal when we were able to send food and medical supplies via a partner in Nepal.