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Theodora Children's Charity

We transform children’s experience of hospital from an environment that can be scary and isolating into a place of fun, play and laughter. We do this by providing professional performers, called Giggle Doctors, to children's hospital bedsides. By combining music, play and storytelling, our Giggle Doctors bring moments of joy and laughter to 33,000 children, each year.


Registered charity no. 1094532

Member since September 2019

Latest News

Dear friends of Theodora Giggle Doctors,

Dear friends of Theodora Giggle Doctors,

The spread of coronavirus has meant that we are facing unprecedented times. For Theodora Giggle Doctors this means that we have to take a break from our hospital visits at the request of NHS teams. This is totally understandable, our primary concern is the safety of the children we visit as well as protecting our Giggle Doctors from infection risks, whether in hospitals or travelling around the country.

Instead, we are now working with our very creative Giggle Doctors to use social media and on line opportunities to showcase our work and keep supporting children and their families, especially at this time.  Keep in touch with us @GiveaGiggle and share the stories you have of the joy and laughter our Giggle Doctor visits gave to your child and please continue to support the work of Theodora Giggle Doctors.

Sending everyone virtual Giggle Doctor hugs and best wishes, and thank you for your continued support"🧡