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The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country

We have been protecting wildlife, restoring wild spaces and inspiring people for nature's recovery for 40 years as the UK's first 'urban' Wildlife Trust in 1980. We've created and restored hundreds of sites across Birmingham and the Black Country from rivers, meadows and woodlands. Our environmental education centres provide thousands of children with access to nature every year.


Registered charity no. 513615

Member since May 2020

About us

Our four goals:

Goal 1: Space for nature is protected, restored, created & valued. Our ecological strategy follows a landscape-scale conservation approach; identifying core ecological areas and linking them by creating and restoring habitats.

Goal 2: everyone is connected to nature. Our engagement and education work seeks to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to connect with and value the natural world.

Goal 3:- The natural environment is at the heart of planning, policy & decision-making We campaign and advocate on behalf of wildlife, providing advice to planners, developers and local authorities to ensure that the natural environment is considered.

Goal 4: we are an effective organisation We aim to be a robust, resilient and financially sustainable organisation. We invest in staff and volunteers, develop effective partnerships and recruit skilled trustees.

Partnerships with the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country are good for people, good for business and good for wildlife.

Small businesses have a vital role to play in sustaining the wild places within Birmingham and the Black Country. Partnering with us helps us to achieve our objectives and improve the quality of the local environment in which your employees and customers live and work.

Support us and take pride in the immediate impact your support has on improving local spaces for nature

Find out more about how your business can support our work here:

To donate to The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country though the sales of your products and services and show your business cares, make a donation via Work for Good or email