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The Movember Foundation

Your business can stop men dying too young. At Movember we love three things: moustaches, doin’ good and havin’ fun. Of course, we couldn’t do what we do without organizations like yours. Help us change the face of mens health by growing, moving and hosting this Movember.



Registered charity no. 1137948

Member since September 2018

Latest News



With the help of TrueNTH Telehealth, men across rural locations in Australia are getting more support than ever from their care coordinators. And it’s all done by phone. TrueNTH – the most significant project worldwide dedicated to improving the quality of life for men diagnosed with prostate cancer – is using the power of telehealth to break down borders for all men across Australia. No matter the location, TrueNTH Telehealth provides men with care and support when they need it most.

How does it work?

TrueNTH Telehealth allows men with prostate cancer to schedule calls with their care coordinators – allowing them to call for a simple check-in whenever, wherever. This initiative increases the amount of communication men have with care coordinators, and therefore, the amount of support they receive.

How critical are care coordinators?

Care coordinators are a vital part of this project. Care coordinators are one-on-one support workers, often times prostate cancer nurses, who help men navigate their prostate cancer journey. From discussing their options, offering advice, or just being a shoulder to lean on, these workers become the “rock” for many men with prostate cancer. Seeing them through from diagnosis to treatment, and beyond.

The result?

Men with prostate cancer are encouraged to do one of the most important things in getting through this phase of their lives: talk.

Breaking down barriers while opening up communication is no easy feat. But TrueNTH Telehealth delivers just that, with the touch of a button.



Contactless Fundraising Badges

Asking for donations this Movember just got a whole lot easier. In a world first, we’re trialling contactless fundraising badges – allowing friends and family to make donations with the sweep of a hand.

If you have just received a badge from us, here’s how you use it.

How to:

1. Enable your phone

If you have an latest iPhone (X/XS) it would work automatically, if you have an Android phone you just need to enable NFC (Near-Field-Communication) in settings. For iPhones 7 and above search for and download the ‘Tap and Scan NFC’ app in the App Store.

2. Set up your badge

Tap your badge with your phone and follow the on screen set up instructions to activate your badge. (So if you have an Android or latest iPhone you just tap your phone on the badge, or if you have the app, open the app and press ‘Click here to use NFC’. Top tip: It works best when you tap the top of your phone against the badge.

Badge wearers will be sent an email after registering with a link to their account and their fundraising dashboard, so they can see how much they’ve raised through their badge.

3. Wear with pride & start collecting donations

Get your friends and family to start donating to your Mo by Apple Pay, PayPal or Card, Google Pay. Simply get them to tap your badge with their NFC enabled phone.

(Same rules apply on compatible phones above).


Charges, Gift Aid & Tax receipts

Donors will be sent a confirmation receipt after the transaction is complete to their email address. Please note Thyngs takes 2.5% of every donation made, as a transaction fee. (This is not an additional charge to the donor.)

If you’re in the UK and you’re a UK taxpayer, you can add Gift Aid at no extra cost. Just click on ‘Add Gift Aid’ after making the donation

Linking to Mo Space on Movember.com

If you already have a Mo Space, please use the same email address to set up your badge for donations to be added to it. You will also be asked to set a target, please note this is just the amount you want to raise through your badge.

Badge wearers will be sent an email after registering with a link to their account and their fundraising dashboard, so they can see how much they’ve raised on the badge.

The amount raised from the badge, will also appear on your Mo Space if you have one, however please note this may take a while to appear. Donations from the badge will be grouped together under ‘badge donations’ and the donor’s name won’t be reflected on the Mo Space. (This is something we hope to solve for next year so please bear with us.)

Compatible devices:

All Android phones (just enable NFC in settings)

iPhone XS, XS Max, XR

iPhone 7 and above with an NFC app

Top tip: It works best when you tap the top of your phone against the badge.

Badge still not working? Email us at:

UK: info.uk@movember.com

USA: info.us@movember.com