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Galapagos Conservation Trust

Galapagos Conservation Trust is the only UK non-profit organisation focussing solely on the protection and conservation of the Galapagos Islands. GCT raises awareness of the Islands, alongside funds to support existing and future conservation efforts as well as strengthening education and sustainability projects on Galapagos.


Registered charity no. 1043470

Member since August 2016

About us

Galapagos is known across the world for being a haven for truly special wildlife. However, sadly, non-native animals (invasive species) and other human induced impacts are having a detrimental effect and are causing the local extinction of many species of flora and fauna across the Archipelago.

With your help, GCT will be able to continue funding science and conservation programmes on the Islands including conserving Galapagos giant tortoises and whale sharks; as well as continuing our education and sustainability initiatives, such as working towards a plastic-free Galapagos, with a vision to create a lasting positive impact for generations to come.